Plumbing Services in St. George and Surrounding Area

We never enjoy having to call a plumber for services, but proper plumbing governs our day-to-day lives. From the time we wake up each day, until the time we go to bed each night, plumbing is a part of everything we do. When it comes to the plumbing in our homes, we rely on our sinks, showers, toilets and other amenities to work correctly, so that we’re able to take advantage of these sophisticated facilities comfortably.

When troubles arise regarding plumbing in St. George, UT, it becomes necessary to get them fixed immediately. Sinks that don’t drain can cause bacteria buildup and mold growth. Showers that show signs of calcification can create water flow problems. Toilets that become clogged can hinder our ability to use the bathroom and pipes that develop cracks or leaks can be tremendously harmful to the integrity of our homes.

When any of these common plumbing problems arise, don’t hesitate to call Bruce Thompson Plumbing LLC in Cedar City and St. George, UT, immediately, so that you can get your issues resolved and your life back on track when it comes to using these facilities. From the smallest leak to the largest plumbing problem, Bruce Thompson Plumbing LLC is your source for exceptional plumbing in Cedar City and St. George, UT.

Regular Maintenance Requirements

Remember, it’s not always an emergency that warrants a call to your local plumbing expert. Regular maintenance is just as important for proper plumbing in St. George, UT, and can be your saving grace against underlying problems that are just waiting to burst into fruition. Always be sure to have your plumbing inspected on an annual or semi-annual basis, to help identify any points in your major plumbing lines that could be compromised by continued wear and tear.

From your bathroom to the kitchen, basement to the attic, Bruce Thompson Plumbing LLC in St. George, UT, has the knowledge and know-how to help you get to the bottom of your plumbing issues. We will also ensure that they’re taken care of the right way, the first time. Call us today for any and all of your plumbing needs!

Other Services

Drains and Sewer Systems: When it comes to your sinks, faucets, and drains, any problem is one that needs to be addressed immediately. Bruce Thompson Plumbing LLC in Cedar City and St. George, UT, will help ensure that your sinks remain unclogged, your water is flowing at the right temperature and your septic system is working as it should be. With our professionals overseeing your repairs and maintenance, you’ll be able to enjoy seamless sewer drain and keeping your facilities operating at top quality.Welona Bath Systems

Remodeling: If you’re wanting to makeover your bathroom, Bruce Thompson Plumbing LLC in Cedar City and St. George, UT, would love to invite you to use our Welona Bath Systems for all your bath and shower remodeling needs. Whether you’re looking for a system to continue your safety and independence or you simply want to modernize and update the look and feel of your bathroom, Welona has you covered. With more than 30 years of experience, our remodelers and installers are equipped to transform your bathroom to fit your needs and situation.

Repiping: Pipes wear out over time. Over decades, pipes can corrode and bust. Prevent this from happening so other problems don’t arise. Our certified plumbers will come out to your house and redo your entire system for you. If a pipe does break, call us so that we can come out and take care of things for you. We’re here in the event of any situation.

Rooter Service: Some small clogs can be pretty easily remedied with a plunger or some drain cleaner from your local grocery store, but others don’t seem to respond to anything. Bruce Thompson Plumbing LLC in Cedar City and St. George, UT, can have your fixtures draining quickly and smoothly, and we’ll get the job done as promptly as possible.

Water Heater Service: No one likes to shower with cold water. If there’s a problem with your hot water heater, there’s no time like the present to ensure that your current unit is assessed, inspected and repaired as needed. If it’s time to forgo your old unit in favor of a brand new water heating solution, Bruce Thompson Plumbing LLC in Cedar City and St. George, can help you make a smart decision about what type of unit to replace it with.

Water Softeners: Is your water too hard? Does it leave much to be desired in the way of  taste? Hard water is a common problem in homes that draw their water from wells or other groundwater reserves. We can help you to purify your water, minimizing the amount of iron and other hard particles that make it harsh to drink or bathe with. Stop enduring water that’s hard and let our professionals implement a water softening system for your home today.