Drains and Sewer Systems

Maintaining your Drain and Sewer Systems

Water going down the drain.Do you have a clogged drain? Bruce Thompson Plumbing LLC in St. George, UT, can help you to safeguard your home against problems that may arise and ensure that you and your family are able to use your facilities once again. We’ll properly assess your drain problems in St. George, Cedar City and all of Southern Utah and provide solutions that dispose of the waste and ensure that these issues never plague your home again.

Sewer System Issues

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare to flush the toilet and instead of water going down, it starts to bubble back up. On that same token, dealing with a sink that’s clogged with no visible way to unclog it can spell despair for those who find themselves frequently in need of these crucial home amenities. In reality, what may look like a simple clogged sink or backed up toilet could, in fact, be an issue with your drains and sewer in St. George and Cedar City, UT. And, what makes these issues so daunting are the health risks that come with them.

When your septic system isn’t behaving correctly and is forcing waste back into your plumbing, it’s an immediate health hazard to you and your family. This waste can contain a plethora of bacteria and other germs that lead to nasty infections when contacted. In that same vein, sewage that finds its way back into your home is a hazard that should be dealt with immediately for a number of the same reasons.

What goes down, stays down

Toilet DrainSometimes, problems with sewer or drain systems are larger than meets the eye. Your septic tank itself may be malfunctioning, disguising the true problem by forcing your waste back into your pipes—or perhaps a seal in your plumbing is broken, allowing municipal waste to wind its way back up your plumbing, into your toilet or sink. Whatever the case may be, a sewer or drain problem should only be handled by a professional, who understands the dynamic of the problem and who has the capacity to correct it the right way.

Let Bruce Thompson Plumbing LLC in St. George, UT, be your resource for all your drain issues in Southern Utah. We’ll make sure that whatever goes down your drains stays down and doesn’t make a repeat appearance being forced back up.